Needs, wants, and jetpacks

Yes, I admit it to myself. Despite an overwhelming desire for free self expression, I subject myself to be known, scrutinized, and even criticized by the “other”. In writing these posts I have asked myself, “would I care if these very words were read by no one but myself?” Denial (of course I would not care. How absurd! What do I care what other people think of my intellectual property), then acceptance: yes, I would care.

The human desire to be known goes deep. Even the most introverted of us cannot live in isolation. It drives us mad–suicidal even. But what lies behind this need? What drives it?

I have landed firmly upon the realization that Christ himself has nested this desire in our souls. From where else could it have come? The concept of “needing” community with another individual is counterintuitive, hazardous for survival, a dagger to the ego, pushes towards self sacrifice, and practically impossible. Humans cause us pain. They cause us deep psychological damage and years of counseling. They cause us to question the very nature of ourselves. And yet, we cannot live without them.  Imagine how progressive we could be if we were unfeeling, driven robots, needing no approval except our own.

Is that really progressive?

The fabric of humanity is based on the undisputed fact that we need each other in order to advance.  Plain and simple. I need you. You, whether you realize it or not, need me.

Let’s do this thing together.

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