A Tour of Whatcom County. Day One: Blaine, WA

Blaine Harbor
Blaine Marina Harbor

My perception of this rural border town changed today as I walked its only recently urbanized streets. Blaine is not far from the town in which I grew up–a proximity which afforded my childish mind many grand ideas about the nature of this economic nightmare of a city. It seemed always on the verge of collapse and yet somehow sustained by its close proximity to our Canadian cousins. Naturally I developed my own view of the people in the town and its assured lack of popular activity. Little did I know that 10 years later, Blaine would throw me one of its most unnatural surprises.

I entered what was not a hick-ish wasteland, but an attractive and well established community. While wandering the city’s cul-de-sacs, I was struck by the apparent preservation of culture and hospitality. Numerous houses were sporting Blaine High School colors while friendly neighbors chatted across white picket fences. Children were safely riding bikes along narrow streets and walking to and from the local schools. Many stopped to wave at each other upon passing.

I thought to myself that I would gladly like to return some day–if only just to view Blaine’s unparalleled Pacific harbor. And next time I am lazily waiting in line at the crossing which runs right through the town, I will offer a hat tip to this northern gem.

To find out more information on Blaine, visit: www.ci.blaine.wa.us




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